Teacher Pages Innovator Fellowship

The Teacher Pages Innovator Fellowship is a hands-on learning program that skills teachers to innovate, create resources AND scale their impact.


Annually, selected teachers are coached over a period of eight months to develop and teach innovative Language and Math lesson ideas effectively, for grades 1-10.


These lesson ideas are then professionally filmed in the teachers’ own classrooms and edited to create short high quality lesson videos of  5-10 min duration.


Upon completion the videos are uploaded on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page; Teacher Pages as an open source resource for the teaching community.


This fellowship is now being offered in partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.


Duration: 8 months

Fellowship objective:


The Teacher Innovator Fellows will learn to


  • Assess Student Learning Gaps


  • Deliver Effective Lessons


  • Become Reflective Practitioners


  • Receive wide recognition for their work


  • Contribute to the learning of the wider teaching community

Fellows’ commitment:


The selected teachers are required to be a part of


Contact Period (14 Days)

  • 7 Days Residential Workshop in June Vacation


  • 4 Days Workshop in Diwali Vacation


  • 2 Days On-site Mentoring


  • 1 Day Professional Video Shoot


Non-contact Period (16 Days)

  • 10 Days Field Assignment


  • 6 Days Online Coaching

The Process



Promising teachers are selected annually through a rigorous process to become part of the Fellowship.



Innovator Fellows interact with expert coaches and peer teachers to develop and refine innovative lesson ideas focused on student learning and learn to execute them effectively in their classrooms.



Lesson ideas developed by Innovator Fellows are professionally filmed real time in the Fellows’ own classrooms. Fellows also provide a commentary on their lesson strategy. The footage is edited to create high-quality films of 5-10 minutes’ duration.



Once finalized, the lesson videos are launched on Facebook and YouTube, providing open access to all.

Photo Gallery Language Fellowship 2016-2017