Teacher Pages Professional

Teacher Pages Professional programmes are offered to teachers and Instructional Leaders who seek to make a difference to student learning in their classrooms. Using the digital Teacher Pages video lessons and our 5-D Video Analysis Methodology, participants collaboratively learn to:


  • Critically analyze classroom practice with a focus on student learning
  • Become effective in teaching innovatively
  • Identify teacher needs and prepare professional development programmes to support teacher learning

 Project Spotlight

Kendra Pramukh Instructional Leadership Course

Pilot programme conducted in collaboration with UNICEF, Maharashtra


Pilot districts

chandrapur-dot  Chandrapur   pune-dot  Pune   palghar-dot  Palghar

Kendra Pramukhs (or, Cluster Resource Coordinators) are Instructional Leaders for their school cluster, each in charge of providing academic mentorship support to teachers in all the 12-15 schools in their cluster. The focus of their work thus far has been on performing administrative functions, rather than academic ones.


This course focuses on developing Kendra Pramukhs’ mentorship skills to enable them to ACT:


  • Assess teacher needs for improvement in their cluster
  • Coach teachers on effective lesson planning and delivery
  • Target teacher professional development for their cluster based on needs

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