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Teacher Pages is envisaged as India’s first video-based social learning platform – For teachers, By teachers. We coach promising teachers to become innovative and effective teachers, create open source lesson videos of their inventive lesson ideas as taught in their classrooms, and catalyze learnings for the wider teaching community, enabling the teacher community to learn and integrate innovative methods in their classrooms. Read about our approach.

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Stories of Change

“Teacher Pages pushed me to excel, to go beyond my expectations!”

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My experience with the programme has changed the way I teach, 100%. The process made me realise that you cannot just expect something from the student, but you need to consider his ability and his pace. I have now started thinking from students’ point of view. While earlier, I used to focus students to answer in class, now my focus is on eliciting a variety of answers and preparing in advance to answer or clarify them. Students now know that if I come to class, there is going to be something different in class, there will be some activity, or something interesting. I have seen a positive attitude and happiness in student learning with respect to maths , a subject they fear.

“I had been teaching for so long in the same manner that I never thought of trying anything new.”

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But when I started working with the Teacher Pages on the video lesson, I started to understand myself that what mistakes happen [while teaching]. For example, I would only teach sums (using formulae), but I never thought of helping the students prove the formulae using constructivist methods. This interaction invoked in me, a thinking process. I have started seeing and thinking about a particular topic from various angles. Earlier, I used to teach in only one specific way, but after this experience, I have started thinking systematically about various directions a lesson could take in class, what doubts students may have. I never thought about these things in so much depth in the past.

“The coaching given by Teacher Pages helped me explain a difficult concept with ease to my students. It motivated me and boosted my confidence.”

“I got a new direction of teaching because of Teacher Pages. This helped me impart effective teaching in my classroom. Similarly, I have noticed a change in students’ learning in the class. “

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